Children Incontinence Products

Children Incontinence Products

Pea Pods Pants

• Reusable absorbent pants for children aged 3 to 15 years.
• Designed for special needs children, also suitable for toilet training.
• Each pant comes with a bamboo absorbent insert. Bamboo is ultra absorbent, naturally antibacterial and a sustainable resource. Simply insert the absorber inside the pants opening.
• Packaged in a complimentary waterproof bag.
• Comfortable and discreet
• Designed for moderate incontinence of up to 350ml over a 4 hour period.
• For additional absorbency, add a Pea Pods Night Booster (will increase absorbency up to 500ml).
• Unisex.

3-7yrs 55cm
5-10yrs 60cm
10-15yrs 65cm
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