Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I order?
A. Order through our secure online store. Click "SHOP" above.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.

Q. Will I need a waterproof cover?
A. No. The wet zone in Dry N Free Reusable Absorbent Pants has a waterproof layer. It is a high quality polyurethane
laminate (PUL) which is waterproof, yet breathable. Our fabric is custom made to provide a soft, breathable and waterproof barrier.
The built in lining is made from high quality microfleece. It keeps your skin feeling dry.

Q. Are they hot?

A. No. Our fabrics are breathable, making them cool and comfortable.

Q. Are they unisex?
A. Yes, Dry N Free pants and liners can be used by men and women.

Q. Should I wash garments prior to use?

A. Yes, like any garment this is advisable to remove any manufacturing residue. We recommend pre-washing the absorbent inserts several times to enhance performance.

Q. What are Absorbers made from?

A. Our absorbers are made with super absorbent bamboo. A renewable resource, bamboo has natural antibacterial properties.
Heavy Flow Boosters are made from microfibre. This extraordinary fabric can quickly absorb 7 times its weight in liquid. Ideal for urge incontinence. Note: The Heavy Flow Booster is best placed on top of the regular absorber. Both are then inserted inside the pants, with the Heavy Flow Booster sitting closest to you (inside pants).

Q. Why is the Absorber separate to the pants and not sewn in?
A. By having a separate absorbent insert, it can be folded and placed according to personal preference. The absorber is removed for washing, ensuring a thorough wash and minimal drying time.

Q. Do they take long to dry?
A. No. As mentioned above, the absorber opens out so drying time is minimal.

Q. Why is half strength detergent recommended?
A. 1/2 the recommended strength is all that's required for a thorough clean. Too much detergent in the wash leaves a residue on clothing. If a residue of detergent builds up on the pant or absorber fibres, this will hinder absorption.
If you find your pants begin to leak, the problem is usually due to a build up of detergent. A good way to clean this off and refresh your pants is to follow these steps:
  1. Wash your Dry N Free pants and absorbers using a warm machine wash (no detergent)
  2. Wash again in a warm machine wash, this time use half strength detergent
  3. Cold rinse
  4. If bubbles remain in step 3's rinse, run another rinse
  5. Line or tumble dry (on low)

Q. Which detergent should I use?

Any normal detergent is fine. Remember to use only 1/2 the recommended strength for the size load you are washing.

Do not use clear or natural soap products as they can leave an oily film on the lining and hinder absorption. Do not use fabric softener.