Reusable Incontinence Products

Reusable Incontinence Products that save money and are so much more comfortable than disposables!

Dry N Free Reusable Incontinence Pants are cool, comfortable and easy to use. They are fully machine washable and save a small fortune compared to disposable options.

Up to 25% of women and 13% of men experience troublesome urinary symptoms, our products help you feeling dry and free.

Choosing to use our reusable cloth continence products, you won’t compromise on two other important factors - convenience and performance. Here's why...

  • Ultra absorbent bamboo fibres
  • Waterproof, breathable outer layer
  • Soft stay-dry lining
  • Trim fit
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to wash

We offer a range of reusable cloth continence aids, plus we also stock children’s products. Dry N Free has been a trusted Australian designed and owned brand for over 15 years.